Conference at the STAF/ICGT 2018 in Toulouse

Graph sample

The prototyping works of the GraphApps company were stopped in December 2016 for economic reasons, the products (Design and Web Framework) staying closed source.

However, I kept on working on the graph-oriented programming topic, in particular in the perspective of solving the technical debt.

Marburg University

During Fall 2017, some conference calls were organized with Prof. Dr. Gabriele Taentzer. Those discussions were about graph-oriented programming but also about Henshin.

Beginning of 2018, Prof. Dr. Taentzer proposed that I was keynote speaker at the STAF/ICGT 2018 in Toulouse, conference organized by Dr. Leen Lambers and Prof. Dr. Jens Weber. I thank all of them for their invitation and support.

Introductory papers

For the conference, two introductory papers were produced:

Slides of the presentation

The slides of the presentation can be found hereafter: Introduction to graph-oriented programming

Alt text

A copy of those slides can also be found on the conference website here.

What's next?

My works on graph-oriented programming will go on, but with probably less time that I had in 2016.

(July 2018)