About The Author

Olivier Rey

Areas of interest

  • Software engineering, programming languages, programming paradigms, semantic web
  • Modeling
    • Archimate and enterprise architecture modeling frameworks
    • MBSE/MBE
    • Domain specific modeling
    • DSL
  • Mathematics (topology, graphs, category theory, algebraic geometry)

Articles to write or migrate

  • Deming and the system of profound knowledge
  • French articles?
  • Old stuff

    • Migrate interesting stuff from old blog (and translate)
    • VB and Delphi refactoring practices?



  • Modeling complex temporal events with graphs and topological graph transformations
    • Like highway traffic
  • The graph transformation changes the graph topology. What kind of mathematical object is it?
  • Scale laws in graph (for instance adherence of domains in a multi-graph mode)
    • What is the true nature of interdomain relationship? And how does it relate to the higher level relationship?
  • Distance comparison between two graphs
    • The fact one and the referential one
    • Useful for AI projects, knowledge representation
  • Isomorphic semantic representations: what graph transformations enable that?
  • Modeling psychology frameworks (Freud, Jung, etc.) with graph patterns and graph distance measurement
  • Rewiring rules and their limitations
  • Cloning nodes and sub-graph: rules?

(November 2019)